Toughened Tempered Glass Auckland

North Shore Glass offer professional-grade toughed glass repair and installation services across all of New Zealand. 

What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened Glass, also known as Tempered Glass, is a variety of glass produced mainly for its safety properties. It is manufactured using a controlled thermal and chemical reaction chain. This technique increases the strength of the glass significantly, while also resulting in it breaking into a preferred, safer state. You'll have most likely seen tempered glass in its broken state as it crumbles into thousands of small chunky pieces that are relatively harmless. 

What are the applications of Toughened Glass?

The risk of injury is almost entirely eliminated by using Toughened Glass around your home or business. It's increased strength and resistance also makes it the ideal choose when it comes to many commercial applications. You'll often see it used for many applications around the house including balcony glass sliding doors, shower doors, table tops, glass stairwell panes, cabinets and more. 

In the commercial or government realm, many building codes require toughened glass to be installed in public places where injury risk is elevated. North Shore Glass follows all official rules and regulations in the building industry, so rest assured you will get an entirely up to code repair or installation solution. 

North Shore Glass service the greater Auckland area and can usually offer same-day turnaround and quotes on many types of tempered glass repair or installations.