Safety and Security Laminated Glass Auckland

Northshore Glass' latest generation of security glass is engineered to enhance both your personal safety and asset security. Our toughened security glass is designed to withstand repeated blows from heavy objects because the strong, laminated interlayer continues to act as a barrier after the glass has been broken. The interlayer lamination consists of a resin that provides significant strength and resistance against the typical brittle fracture of glass plates. Not only does this prevent intruders, vandals or burglars entry to your premises, it increases the safety of yourself, your family or your businesses customers. This is because the safety glass has a significantly greater resistance to accidental impacts or falls.

Our security and safety laminated glass is perfectly suited to both commercial and residential/domestic applications. In commercial applications it is perfectly suited to vulnerable shopfronts, windows and any glass doors that are susceptible to a break in. It is also very common for this type of glass to be used in other situations such as jewellery counters, display cabinets or banking booths, as it provides enhanced resistance from 'smash and grabs'. 

Security safety glass is also the ideal glass of choice around the residential home. If you or a member of your family falls through and breaks a traditional window, risk of injury can be high due to the way the glass traditionally breaks into dangerous shards. Security glass essentially removes this risk entirely, as the glass will be strongly held together, even after it's accidentally broken.

In most cases our glass repair and installation services can be performed on the same day, so give us a call today for a free quote. Despite our name suggesting we serve the North Shore district exclusively, our services are provided across the greater Auckland area.