Safety and Security Laminated Glass Auckland

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a variety of glass that safely holds together when broken or shattered. The glass is secured safely through the use of an interlayer film, typically PVB or EVA, that runs between the two or more layers of glass. You’ve probably seen its characteristic cracking pattern that resembles that of a spider web. Laminated Glass is also useful in dampening sound, as the plastic based interstitial layer can often act as sound insulation for windows or doors. You will often find Laminated Glass on car windshields, store shop fronts or any other situation where an individual is at risk of falling through.

Why Choose North Shore Glass?

North Shore Glass uses the latest generation of precision-engineered security, laminated glass. If you’re after the best in both personal safety and asset security, then look no further. Our New Zealand manufactured glass comes tried and tested, designed to endure heavy, repeated blows from either objects or intruders. The interlayer resin acts as a significant deterrent for intruders because of the significant strength and resistance it provides.

The increased safety to your family also comes in another form - simply being that glass windows or door will not break into dangerous shards. Many accidents, injuries and even deaths have occurred from traditional panes of glass, where people have fallen through and cut themselves on glass. These types of injuries are ones that can easily be avoided by simply replacing or installing the proper glass from the outset.

Around the Home?

Ensure your home is both secure and safe. North Shore Glass can offer quick, prompt service on all residential jobs and can work alongside you to install, repair or replace safety laminated glass windows, doors and panes.

Around the Business?

Keep your staff and customers safe by quickly repairing broken glass as quickly as possible. North Shore Glass offer same-day commercial service, as well as boarding up for security concerns. So to ensure you get the best in safety laminated glass, call us today for same-day service!

Where We Service?

Despite our name suggesting we serve the North Shore district exclusively, our services are provided across the greater Auckland area.