Double Glazing Auckland

North Shore Glass produce a wide variety of double glazing and retrofit secondary glazing solutions. Double glazing essentially combines multiple glass panes into a single window system, creating an insulated pocket of air between each of the panes. This sealed gap of air then acts as insulation for noise and heat. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter, and stops excess heat from entering the house in summer. The added benefit of this is that it produces an insulation, is that it reduces the acoustic volume of any surrounding noise permeating through the glass. 

Double Glazing is becoming the new industry standard for many commercial and residential applications as the energy reduction benefits are massive, as your home or business can save quite substantially on air conditioning and heating. Depending on what type of application you're using double glazing for, we can create customised perfect for you. For example if you're after acoustic control and reduction of low frequency noise such as traffic in aircraft, we recommend a inter-panel gap of 150mm or more. Alternatively, if thermal insulation is your primary concern the inter-panel gap should be substantially less,  around 12-15mm.

In Auckland, a city where it can get both relatively noisy and extremely cold, we understand the need for double glazing and can assure you we have the perfect solution - whether it be your home, business or workplace. We can design, install and build new double glazed window systems, or retrofit double glazed windows onto your existing windows or sliding doors. 

So if you're looking to soundproof, insulate heat, save on your energy costs, or a combination of all three, call our Auckland-based glazing specialists for a free quote today.