Dog, Cat and Pet Door Installation Auckland

If you're looking to give your pet more freedom around your home, apartment or workplace, then a professionally installed dog or cat door may be your answer. Pet doors make it easy for furry friend to come and go as they please.

Being professional glaziers by trade, we specialise in installing pet doors in glass windows, doors or panes. Whether you want a doggy door in a sliding glass door, hinged good, kitchen window or any other low lying glass pane, we'll integrate a convenient solution that doesn't compromise the look and feel of your home. We know that poorly built pet doors can be an eyesore in the house. This is why it's important you hire a professional glazier like North Shore Glass for pet door installations as you're guaranteed to get a perfect, modern and professional finish. 

We offer a variety of types and sizes of pet doors, so you can be assured we have something for your dog or cat, no matter how large. We offer standard and electronic pet doors, depending on your requirements and budget. You can bring your own pet door device or we can recommend and build it directly in the glass for you. Our electronic options are at the forefront of technology and most come with four seperate locking functions - in only, out only, both ways open or both ways locked. This means you can easily set limitations for your dog or cat depending on changing circumstances, like the weather.

Give us a call today for any questions or queries you may have and we'll be glad to help you.